About Us

Fairy Dust is all about believing. Believing in one's self, in the beauty and power of our dreams, that all things ARE possible and yes, believing in fairies and the magic that is Fairy Dust. 

Founded in 1994, Fairy Dust began in our Fairy Godmother's kitchen. Basic to our company is a passion for excellence, beauty and joy; meeting life with zest; getting the most from every day. Our mission is to empower others to embrace life and rise to its’ challenges. We hope to inspire others to strive to make the world a better place. Our journey has proven that when we follow our dreams, they, like fairy tales, can come true.  

Fairy Dust values each customer large or small. We believe in going the extra mile. We offer only top quality products, unique packaging, and fill and ship orders accurately and quickly with great concern for our customer’s satisfaction.

Welcome to the magical world of Fairy Dust where you are encouraged to laugh, dream, get your sparkle on, and be (you) tiful!